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There's nothing like fresh California garlic! 
And wouldn't you know? 

Garlic Festival Foods is located in the heart of Garlic Country in California! 
Stock up on fresh garlic now.  
Don't be fooled by imported garlic which is not as flavorful as California garlic.

Please note: To ensure the freshest garlic possible, we only sell fresh garlic products including garlic braids and bulk garlic from approximately July through January.  
Garlic is an agricultural crop, subject to the whims of Mother Nature, and as such, we cannot guarantee flavor or strength from year to year.  Prices are subject to change without notice during the season. 
All fresh garlic sales are final.

 Products (Total Items: 6)
Fresh California Garlic (10lb. Box)
Fresh California Garlic (10lb. Box)
Average Rating 1 Review(s)
Price: $37.00
Fresh California Garlic (Bagged)
Fresh California Garlic (Bagged)
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Price: $4.00
Fresh Elephant Garlic
Fresh Elephant Garlic
Average Rating 3 Review(s)
Price: $5.00
Fresh Garlic Braid (Large)
Fresh Garlic Braid (Large)
Average Rating 9 Review(s)
Price: $26.00
Fresh Garlic Braid (Medium)
Fresh Garlic Braid (Medium)
Average Rating 7 Review(s)
Price: $19.00
Fresh Garlic Braid (Small)
Fresh Garlic Braid (Small)
Average Rating 4 Review(s)
Price: $13.00


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