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2013 Football Pool

Part of the fun of working in a small company is getting to know your co-workers like family. ( this can be bad too, but not for this story... lol)

Last football season when we got to the play offs we had a friendly pool in our office. It ended at Super Bowl and you may remember seeing some not so happy mugs presenting our warehouse manager Arthur with his (no so hard won) celebratory beer. :(

Well this year we jumped on the band wagon early and started a friendly, weekly pool at week 1. 

Now tensions can run pretty high week to week as we each have our favorite teams.. Arthur is a hard core Dallas fan.. down to his soul. Tracy lives for Chargers wins and I, as a native San Franciscan, am Gold & Red all the way (except during baseball season.. Go Giants!).

Admittedly I am not the biggest football fan. I watch the occasional game. I like to get swept up in Superbowl fever if the 49ers are in it, but on a day to day basis my knowledge runs fair to well, nada! So its been VERY entertaining (well, to me) that my "non- system" of picking teams has led me to 3 straight wins. I am sure this is killing Arthur inside a little bit each day and while Tracy would love to win, at least she reaps the benefits of my wins through Starbuck's deliveries ;)

This week, being a little punchy from working on the new website and all the fiddly details that involves, we decided to make it even more interesting by putting Bandit into the betting mix. We decided that since he is a cat, he would pick all teams, that were.. felines (Bengals, Lions, Jaguars), Birds (Falcons, Cardinals, Ravens), or fish (Dolphins). We then mused that he might choose teams that would have feathers on their outfits ( Red Skins, Chiefs) and well, the other games were just a toss up.

So now we are anxious for Monday, (or Tuesday) to see how it all shakes out. Will Bandit's system reward him with a can of tuna? (For the record if he loses, we each get a dollar) or will Arthur finally reign supreme? Tune in next week to find out or use our chart above and follow along as you watch the games this weekend.

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