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Gary Wren - Garlic Festival Foods Sales RepHi! I became acquainted with Garlic Festival Foods through friend and client Lee Jensen, and started doing shows in 2008.  There are several things I find very enjoyable about doing shows with Garlic Festival.  First and foremost is the enthusiasm and loyalty of our numerous long time customers.  At least several times a day, a customer will come to the booth and let me know that they have been buying Garlic Festival for 10, 15, or even 20 years, and often the only reason  they came to the show was to stock up. The best part is that they will often, unprompted, start selling their favorite product to a new customer who might be standing at the booth!

My other favorite experience is seeing the look on the face of new customers the first time they have a taste sample of a Garlic Festival product. The most common reaction is "Wow! I need some of THAT!". This is especially true with Garli Garni. Garli Garni is the only thing I've encountered which truly makes everything taste better.

I get a lot of enjoyment representing Garlic Festival products, from the unique flavors to the fact that it is a family company which has succeeded without having to be swallowed up by a giant food company. I think this results in a camaraderie with our customers which is very unique.
~ Gary

Obviously many shows have been cancelled and/or postponed. 
Please click on the show to find out current status.

Meet Me At The Following Shows You may click on each show for more information

March 6th - March 8th: Fresno Home & Garden Show

July 23rd - July 26 Harborfest

August 21st - August 16th.: New York State Fair

September 19th - September 20th: Cuba Garlic Festival

November 20th - November 22nd. Booth #520: Sacramento Harvest Festival

December 4th. - December 6th.: Pomona Harvest Festival

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Garlic Festival Roasted Garlic Olive Oil

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